Both of our daughters go to the aftercare program, 24 hour camps and summer camps. It's not just an aftercare to them, it's a powerful experience that they both truly enjoy. Age doesn't matter, you will enjoy it and the training every step of the way.

--‚Äč Shar D.

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Is a 74 year old grandmother too old to do martial arts?

The truth is....after several months of classes.  I felt rejuvenated!!!!  My weight, blood pressure, pulse and waist size have decreased significantly.  The work outs have increased my energy, flexibility, strength, and mental outlook.  I actually have muscles now!!!!

Besides, body fitness and self-defense; martial arts have increased my self-confidence, positive thinking, and my ability to set and achieve goals.  I'm doing things I never thought I could do and my body gets sore, not from getting older, but from muscle aches!

From age 4 to 74, martial arts is for every age!!!!!!

-- Carole F

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Martial Arts World

As an 8 year old, Martial Arts World of Glen Allen has taught him a level of determination, respect, and inner strength that will stay with him as he grows.  His experience has been nothing but positive.

The instructors at MAW all lead class with enthusiasm and firmness. I love how there is no age distinction among the students.

AJ's favorite thing about MAW is that he "gets to focus and get his brain and his body ready to exercise."

--‚ÄčKaren H.